Black and White Formal Party !!! Budget

by Kirsten

On a budget: Black and White Party
I have ideas for my Sweet 16th coming up.

I have a big basement so I am decorating that with black and white sheets from Life Line/St Vinnies (2nd hand stores) and hanging them from windows and doors and the cieling. I also have cheap white paper (chinese)lantens from Ikea to put up around the room.

Food: I am having a buffet with a white chocolate and milk chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows - lucky strawberries are in season at the time of the party - so they are cheap.

Drinks: I plan to have all drinks in martini glasses with black, white and the colour of my dress (teal) beads on the bottom of the glasses so people know who's glass theirs is!

More Decorations: balloons that are black, white and teal.

Dress: Tell everyone to dress up in black or white or both and you were any colour you want. I chose teal beacuse it doesnt stand out too much but it's nice.

All of this (incl food) should be about $150 AUD.
(hand made the dress)

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