Birthdays on a Budget: Celebrity Party Ideas for Kids

For most families, kids birthday parties are a fun celebration for family and friends to enjoy good food and tasty desserts like birthday cake-flavored ice cream and frosted theme cake.

With some decorative balloons, colorful streamers and festive birthday party supplies, children typically play games with friends and then walk home with favors such as a small toy and candy.

That's usually sufficient for a children's birthday celebration, but definitely not when you're a Bravo reality-TV star and housewife.

See how celebrity Orange County housewives extravagantly celebrated their daughters' fourth birthdays and how you can mimic their themes for a much lower price point:

Puppy Princess Party

"Real Housewives of Orange County" housewife, Alexis Bellino, planned her twin daughters' fourth birthday party as a princess and puppy theme. The episode is available for streaming through Direct TV after installation on Guests enjoyed a party full of cute puppies that were up for adoption and live princesses. As preparation for the twins' party, Alexis and her daughters made sure to look their best with spray tans, makeup, glitter and stylish hair. Men in tuxes served pink beverages, children partook in a royal puppy princess parade, and princesses Ariel and Rapunzel entertained all 25 children. Kids enjoyed purple and pink heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Adults were served crab puppies, mini filets and salmon sliders. Puppy cupcakes and a princess tower cake topped off the girly soiree. The party ended with daughters Melania and Mackenna whisked away in a magical Cinderella-esque, horse-drawn carriage that brought tears to eyes.

Budget-friendly Princess Party: Create a princess-themed party by inviting all your special little guests to dress as their favorite princess. Serve strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and swirly sandwiches made with white bread, butter and pink and red sprinkles. As an activity, provide the children with supplies to make homemade crowns. Assist the girls as they cut their crowns, glue on gemstones, attach flowers and draw pictures using magic markers. Set up a face-painting station and adorn little girls with glittery, painted-on hearts, rainbows or flowers.

Magical Mad Hatter Tea Party

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" housewife, Taylor Armstrong, threw her daughter a tea party birthday celebration for her daughter Kennedy. Kennedy's party was famous for having a price tag of $60,000. Going with the theme of Magical Mad Hatter, Taylor's party included a performing magician and fairies dressed in tea party costumes, according to Even more extravagantly, Taylor bought a "timeless" Barbie-shaped diamond necklace for Kennedy to wear. Children participated in magical games and a treasure hunt led by the fairies throughout the lavish Harry Houdini estate.

Budget-Friendly Mad Hatter Tea Party: Invite the birthday guests to an afternoon tea party where you'll serve caffeine-free fancy teas, such as Passion Tazo Tea or Raspberry Zinger Celestial Tea, and delicious foods and pastries. Serve tea sandwiches such as cinnamon, sugar and butter on crust-less white bread and turkey on mini croissants. Mini vanilla bean scones with frosting, marshmallow cream topped with berries and tea cup-shaped sugar cookies are delightful Mad Hatter-inspired treats. Plan a magical backyard scavenger hunt by hiding girly trinkets for the children to find such as necklaces, toy teacups and sparkly nail polish.

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