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A birthday construction party is as exciting as it is fun, for both your children and for your creativity.

One neat idea is an invitation in the design of a city ordinance informing the guests of “construction ahead.” That serves as both a warning and a gripper. It includes your son’s name, plus the place “under construction” and “easy driving ahead.”

The obvious decorative eye-catcher is having your home strung in “caution” tape, along with flashing safety lights. This will add a dramatic effect and will be a fun setting for children to play. The boys can wear their hard hats as they play in the construction site you have created.

See the construction party supplies for all the needed birthday construction party decorations as well as these personalized construction party invitations.

Finally, a CD with recorded construction sounds of riveting and jackhammer pounding continuously playing on and on, along with the roaring construction truck engines, will make the situation sound even more the real. You can record this yourself or by a sound effects CD.

The food is fun, too! One thing that really tops the snack table at a construction party is a three-dimensional, bulldozer- or machine-shaped cake. What a real treat, and what a creative challenge for you! Perhaps you can make up your own design.

That will fascinate your son and his friends. Be creative! You can even assemble a treat construction tower from which the boys can eat. Consider licorice, spearmint or other candy sticks, pretzels, or a combination. The kids will be eating from this for hours. Flashing safety-light cupcakes and fruit punch in construction cone-style cups are also interesting considerations.

Construction Party Game & Activity Ideas

Drawing Time—you can provide art supplies and let the boys draw and color their own favorite contraptions, any way they want. This will get their imaginations reeling! Optional: The most unique and creative drawing gets a prize

Building Activity--The boys build their own construction projects with Play Doh, linking logs, erectors, or craft sticks, with glue, paper clips, tacks, tape, and whatever other materials are available. This is a real creative venture for boys who like to build things. Optional: The boy with the most well-built construction project wins a prize.

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