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Beach Party Theme Ideas for the Young Ones and the Once Young

If there is one best thing about beach party games, then it must be that the young ones - kids - can play them alongside the once young - adults. In the process, the generational gap is bridged more strongly than ever before, a benefit that you probably did not even think about until such time when you can feel it in the hugs and laughter all around.

Be sure to welcome guests as they arrive with a personalized beach party banner and beach party supplies like palm trees, beach balls, and flip flop balloons.

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Basically, you can divide beach-themed party theme games into two - the dry games based on land and the wet games in the water. You can mix and match these games for a fun time on land and on water, which will be very memorable for everybody.

Dry Games

Well, of course, beach party games are being held near water, you cannot help it when you get wet from the sea sprays. However, these games are played on the beach instead of the water for greater fun. You can opt for the traditional beach games like volleyball, Frisbee and the more imaginative coconut bowling. In volleyball, it is important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to warm up to avoid injuries. Keep in mind that the soft sand can affect your ability to run and return the ball.

You may also go for Frisbee contests. Let 2 persons, 1 adult and 1 child, form a team. Each team that has the most points in knocking over plastic bottles filled with sand within a set time limit wins the game. Or go for coconut bowling. Instead of the conventional bowling ball and pins, you can substitute coconut and bottles with sand, respectively.

Land-based beach party theme games are incomplete if there are no relay games included. You can choose from Poop the Potato (a simple relay race) and Turtle Relay (players push eggs with their chins towards a hole in the ground like turtles), to name a few relays.

Wet Games

Wet games involve the participants becoming wet at any or all parts of the game. You can modify some land-based games to suit the water setting like:

Play a relay game using a bottle. The participants will pass the bottle from one person to the next so that whoever touches the finish line on the shore is the winner. You can include the kids but make sure that they are the last in line so as to avoid exhausting their more fragile bodies.

·Water balloon challenges are always great beach party games with a twist. Instead of water balloons being filled, the participant must fill empty water balloons with water, which are then accumulated on land. The team that has the most filled water balloons win.

As for the beach party theme prizes, you have to make sure that everybody will be happy with them. Thus, you can get sweet treats like candies as well as small toys for the children while the adults get practical things like sunglasses and sunscreen. You may want to provide for naughty gifts but remember there are children around so keep them until the next adult party at the beach.

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