Batman party

by Annette
(Tupelo, MS)

Our son celebrated his 4th birthday with a Batman party. I did
photo invitations with a picture of Landon and Batman...they were cool. We turned our gymnasium into Gotham City. Covered the walls in skyline...took moving boxes and built the huge building painted like Gotham. Made 15 Batman capes out of black table covering with a huge batman signal sticker on each one. Made personal batman flashlights for each child. Played pin the tail on
the bat. Had a police officer come and talk about how batman protects Gotham, but we have local police officer to protect our city. He then told the children that Joker had stolen Landon's cake...and the race was on. We suited the children in masks, capes and gave them their flashlight. Since Batman couldn't
come to the party...Daddy found the cake and was the ultimate hero. The cake was huge...5 or 6 buildings in all...cost $150...but worth every penny! We served Poison Ivy Punch, Batty pizza...made home-ade crust in the shape of bats, cats claws...buggles, and penguin party chips and dip. Played the batman theme song the whole night. Also rented a huge bouncy and had obstacle courses. It was the party of the year!

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