Bat Mitzvah Planning

Easy Bat Mitzvah Planning for Parents and Daughters

In many ways, bat mitzvah planning for Jewish parents is very similar to planning your daughter's debut in the United States or the quinceƱera in Mexico.

It is a coming of age ceremony albeit with a more spiritual slant than a debut or quinceƱera since your daughter will now be expected to take responsibility for her own spiritual life.

The first step in planning the bat mitzvah is to set the date with the rabbi. You must do it at least 3 years in advance since many religious activities must be undertaken before the big day.

Once the date has been settled, booking the venue comes next. You have many considerations in this regard including the available budget, central theme and expected activities so much so that it pays to thoroughly consider each possible venue before making reservations. After these initial two steps of bat mitzvah planning, deciding on the other aspects of the ceremony and the celebration can then proceed so much more smoothly.

Choosing the Theme

This is an important step in planning the bat mitzvah simply because all other aspects will revolve around it from the invitations and decorations to the food and favors. Of course, your daughter's interests will be the most logical basis for choosing the theme for the party.

Just like birthday parties, it can be anything fun like princess and fairy tale, Hawaiian and Hollywood, movies and theater, music and dance, sports and entertainment, maybe even a favorite charitable cause. You and your daughter should discuss the possible themes since it is her day, after all.

Choosing the Food and Drinks

Bat mitzvah planning will not be complete if food and beverages are not included especially as food binds all of us into one big family of happy guests. You have to if the food will be kosher or non-kosher since your choice for a caterer will depend on it. We suggest going for kosher especially when you have older guests in the crowd since you want to respect their food sensibilities, too.

Your food can also include cocktail foods including hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic drinks. Although an open or a paid bar is also a good idea, you must ask yourself if the guests will like the idea since a bat mitzvah is primarily a spiritual occasion, not to mention that many of the guests may not be of legal age to drink alcohol.

Choosing the Entertainment

Fortunately, bat mitzvah planning does not include parlor games since this is a coming of age party, after all. However, you still need to provide for balanced entertainment, meaning that it is more adult than the parlor games of a children's birthday party but not too adult as to make the celebrant red with embarrassment over your choice for an entertainer.

We suggest hiring a live band or a disco DJ for music and dance. You may also have casino games for the older set as well as arts and crafts activities for the younger set.

All the other aspects of planning like the invitations, bat mitzvah party favors and decorations will revolve around the theme selected for the occasion. Just remember that you have to plan well in advance if and when you intend to make your daughter's bat mitzvah as grand as can be.

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