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Barbie – “Let’s Party”!

Barbie, girl’s best friend, inspired young girls for decades. She and her friends are still the life of the party even today!

Invitations are letters from Barbie to come and join her and her friends for some fun in the sun, signed personally by Barbie herself. Actually, “Barbie” is the birthday girl. The letter even has a picture of Barbie.

See the Barbie party supplies kit for all the needed supplies.

The décor of Barbie’s party would be made up like her “dream house” with colorful pink and violet curtains, streamer-spiraled trim around the doorframes, and stylish bead strings hanging from the ceiling just so. You and your daughter can work together to make the place look hip, with the addition of some favorite Rock-n-Roll tunes to get the place rocking like Barbie’s “cool pad.” The kids can come dressed up as Barbie and Ken. Some cool little outfits and make up would make the party a real happenin’ scene!

For food, deli sandwiches and party salads work well. Some favorite snacks, including cookies and anything stylishly topped with icing and sprinkles, create a flash befitting young “dudes” and “dudettes.” A three-dimensional cake shaped like Barbie’s sports car would serve as an awesome centerpiece for your daughter’s Barbie “dream party.”

Barbie Party Game Ideas

Dancing--A Barbie birthday party wouldn’t be right without dancing. With the rock tunes and a spacious dance floor, the dancing can just take off on its own. This would be perfect for kids ten and above, especially those in their early teens. Let the kids take care of this and they’ll have a blast!

Costume Contest--Imitation is the best form of flattery! Have a costume contest! Let the kids vote on the best Barbie and Ken outfits and hairstyles. This would give both boys and girls equal time. Girls vote on boys, boys on girls. Prizes go to the winners. You can even have second and third prizes to give more kids the chance to win prizes.

Dancing and Singing Contests—In line with the Barbie costume contest, the kids can have dancing and singing (karaoke?) contests. Again, boys and girls have equal time, and you can have second- and third-place prizes. The kids will love this!

Barbie parties would be very popular, especially since the kids would have a hand in putting them together. Kids get excited when they make their own decisions about their parties.

Let’s Party!

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