Bar Mitzvah Planning

Bar Mitzvah Planning Made Easy

For Jewish parents, bar mitzvah planning is one of the most important responsibilities for their son's spiritual life.

On his 13th birthday, certain religious ceremonies and a celebration party must be provided for to mark a milestone in life - the son will now be responsible for his own observance of the Jewish ritual law, tradition and ethics.

One might say that it is a passage of manhood for Jewish boys, thus, the importance of carefully planning the bar mitzvah.

Parents only have two basic considerations when planning a bar mitzvah. First, you have to ensure that the party fits your son's personality. Your party planning must have the approval of your son from the way the invitations are designed to the number of people attending. It is, after all, his day.

Second, you need to ensure that he is comfortable with the level of attention during the bar mitzvah itself. There is no rulebook saying that the important spiritual event must be done a big scale since even a private family dinner is sufficient for the purpose. The most important thing in bar mitzvah planning is that the gravity of the occasion is acknowledged.

Choosing the Date

More often than not, your son's bar mitzvah was booked at least 3 years in advance especially when your family belongs to a large congregation. The day itself may be very close to your son's birthday, which means that you may have to throw a double celebration for his actual birthday in accordance with Western traditions.

Book the Party Venue

Once the date is set, booking the venue comes next. You have to consider many factors including the following:

  • Will the party be in the afternoon or evening?
  • Will the synagogue also serve as the party venue or not?
  • Will the guests be just mostly kids or mixed ages?
  • Will the food and beverages served be kosher or non-kosher?

You will also have to determine if the venue needs to be spruced up. We suggest looking for a setting that already has the bar mitzvah party favors and decorations in place, which means that you only need to add a few personal touches.

Plan the Food and Beverages

Your bar mitzvah planning will include the range of food and beverages since guests of all ages must have sustenance especially after the spiritual ceremony and during the party activities. The menu can be as simple as cocktail foods or as filling as a 6-course buffet, depending on your budget.

You also need to consider the age groups of your guests. If most of the guests are kids your son's age, then a kid-friendly menu is the best choice. Otherwise, mixed age groups may require at least 2 kid-friendly foods in addition to the main courses.

When you have all three of these considerations down pat, choosing the barmitzvah invitations, favors and bar mitzvah games is easier. The trick is in choosing your theme early on since all the other aspects of the party will revolve around it, of which the most popular themes are sports, movies, dance and anything else that your son fancies on his bar mitzvah. In the end, bar mitzvah planning must be a perfect fit for the guest of honor - your son.

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