Awesome Nacho Recipe

by Linda
(Brewster, New York, USA)

Okay I make a very nice side dish of Nachos for Mexican partys. Tommorow my block will be having a Margarita party with a mexican theme people asked me to make nachos so I instantly thought of my old recipe. So here is the recipe and what you need...

What you need:

If its a party with(1-10) people you may need a medium dish depending if these people may eat alot.

A jar of salsa. Any kind of salsa you perfer a mild will probably be best.

A packet of meican taco cheese. I like to use the brand Kraft or Sargento.

If you want to put meat on it that would be fine. Some of my family likes to put bacon or beef and or chicken but I perfer a nice yummy veggie kind with no meat.

Cream Cheese if you want to that would be fine. I perfer the Kraft brand.

I usally like to put some guacamole. I like to use the brand Holy Guacamole!

My family also likes to put some nice chopped JalapeƱo peppers or tomatos and some onions. Chopped nicely and evenly.

And how to cook I usally pop em in the microwave for about 1 to 3 min. Depending on how you like them.

Happy Cooking!!!!!!

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