Arabian Night Party Theme

Arabian Night Party Theme: Taste of the Mediterranean

An Arabian Night party theme presents some very ethnic ideas to spice up the party, as it’s a theme that provides your guests with a taste of Mediterranean culture. But do it American style!

An invitation to an Arabian Night theme party can be mystical. Consider a tiny “flying carpet” made of cotton or nylon (an actual tiny carpet), edged with little tassels on both ends. Guests unroll it and read a short, mystical message that spurs them to come to the Arabian Night party. Capture their curiosity!

As for décor, an interesting way to capture Arabian Night is by decking the party area in various-sized carpets and some brass trinkets. Perhaps you can burn some incense. To complete the cultural transition, you can pipe in a Middle Eastern or a Moslem-ethnic CD. This may cost a little bit of money, but the cultural flavor will be thick and heavy—just right for an Arabian Night theme party.

Perhaps to make the picture even more authentic to an Arabian Night theme party, everyone should arrive in

Arabian Night Party Theme attire such as saris; silk, airy pants; slippers; and/or turbans. The Arabian Night theme party will look like the den of Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves!

As for food, a nice presentation for an Arabian Night theme party would be to prepare several ethnic dishes and lay them out on the floor in cultural fashion.

Arabian Night Theme Party Activities

Three Wishes—pass a “genie lamp” around and have each person make three wishes without telling the others what they are. The others write down questions to ask in order to figure out what the three wishes are. Each person only has one chance. If that person guesses them all correct, they win an Arabian Night theme prize; if no one does, the one who comes closest wins a secondary Arabian Night theme prize.

Assemble the Flying Carpet Puzzle—a fair-sized carpet is sectioned into small, interestingly-shaped pieces, and everyone works together to reassemble it. This can even work in groups, with each group having its own Arabian Night carpet puzzle.

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