Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversary Party Ideas for Romantics Everywhere

No matter what anniversary it is there are many different things that you can do to celebrate the love that you still feel for one another. Every anniversary has a different topic, or theme that is relevant to the number of years it has been.

Whether you need 25th anniversary party ideas, 50th anniversary party ideas, or anything in between, there are many themes to choose from. This can easily be included into the party, and will give it an unusual twist.

Although weekends away, and romantic trips are lovely some couples prefer to spend their anniversary with friends, and family. Once you have the party properly planned, you will need to think about anniversary gift ideas.

If the budget is low, or you do not fancy having an actual vacation abroad, having a vacation party is the next best thing. If you are lucky enough to be celebrating your anniversary during the summer months, you can enjoy the great weather and party outside. You may want to have a Hawaiian luau, and get everyone in the tropical mood. The anniversary party invitations that are given out can be in the shape of tropical fruits, and the costumes are incredibly easy.

Your anniversary decorations can include palm trees, and scenes of crystal waters, and golden sands. Setting up a Hawaiian beach bar is simple to do, and serving fresh fruity cocktails will guarantee to put everyone in the tropical mood. Having a barbeque in the garden is an easy and affordable way to feed everyone, and goes hand in hand with the theme. The anniversary party games are simple, and can include limbo, volley ball or pool games.

If your anniversary is during the colder months, or you fancy something more romantic this is possible. More intimate anniversary party ideas cab be a dinner party with the people who were your bridesmaids, and groomsmen at your wedding. This style of party is great if you want to relive all the funny and emotional moments from the day. Looking back on your wedding day can be a great way to celebrate the years you have been together. Including the people closest to you in these celebrations is fantastic, and a loving thing to do.

Reliving your wedding day is a popular thing to do for anniversary parties, and many people have the same music, food, and drinks that were served at the actual wedding. See our theme party recipe cookbook for thousands of recipe ideas as well as our quick & easy party appetizer recipes.

You may want to have a slide show of the wedding photos, and any videos that were taken on the day. Depending on what anniversary it is will often determine the size of the guest list, and type of anniversary party ideas or themes that you have, it is a marked anniversary such as silver, or gold this allows for a fantastic colored theme to be used.

Some couples like to have the best of both worlds, and will host a party for their guests and then jet off for a romantic vacation. This is very similar to the actual wedding day, and for some couples they like to capture the romance of their wedding day. The overall anniversary party ideas or theme can either be in the colors that were used for your actual wedding, or something equally as romantic. Anniversary parties are all about celebrating the unity, and love that you have had for a number of years.

For ultimate romance you may want to plan a very intimate party for two, and have the whole day for just you. You may want to begin by having a romantic breakfast in bed, with champagne, and strawberries. This can be followed by a lazy morning remembering, and looking through your wedding photos. This could be followed by an afternoon picnic, or stroll through the park hand in hand. Some people want to remember their wedding in their own unique way, and this may be by spending time with the person they love the most.

No matter which anniversary party ideas you choose, the whole day will be filled with laughter, fun, and memories. Whether you decide to have a huge party, and celebrate with friends, or a more intimate affair with just the two of you the day will be perfect.

As you look back on the great years that you have had together you can look forward to many more in the future. People love to give gifts for anniversaries that are personal, and often they will be engraved with the date, and a special message. These gifts are ideal for all anniversaries, and if you research well you can find out what item is relevant to the year the couple have been together.

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