Amazing Race Party Ideas

Amazing Race Party Ideas from the Invitations to the Food

If you want an Emmy Award winner-themed occasion, we suggest Amazing race party ideas. You and your guests will definitely have the time of your life with these ideas that incorporate the concepts of the hit reality television series such as the pairs, the challenges and the travels.

Take note that the emphasis is on adopting the concepts as it will be difficult to match the budget, manpower and production value of the original Amazing Race. Then again, if you have the time, money and manpower, go right ahead and make your guests as happy as if they, too, won the US$1 million grand prize.


Since the Amazing Race deals with travels in many countries, the logical choice for invitations will be passports. Don't worry as you need not secure actual passports for this purpose. Instead, you can buy miniature notepads, marker pens and stamps to make your own mini-passports. Just write down the details of the party - date and time, venue, attire type and RSVP information - on the makeshift passports and you are well on your way towards many more Amazing race party ideas.

Venue and Decorations

Admittedly, majority of the time spent for the party will be outside of the main venue. Still, it is a very good idea to make your venue as welcoming as possible especially when you consider that it will be the start and finish points of the challenges. Think of it as setting the mood. Inflatable globes, maps and even the Amazing Race logo are good ideas for the decorations. You may also place the map of the itinerary just so your guests can anticipate what is in store for them. Build up the excitement, as we always say.

Food and Drinks

The contestants of the Amazing Race are made to eat the local foods of wherever they happen to be. It is but logical that the food should also have an imported feel to it just so you can capture the essence of the reality television show.

Look at the itinerary of the countries - actually, just places that speak of a specific country - and offer food and drinks that can be found in these places. For example, if it is an Amazing Race Asia Edition, then a sampling of Asian food is best. Keep in mind, too, that you are giving a race so it only makes sense that the food and drinks should be filling. Think along the lines of full meals instead of just light snacks.

Games and Entertainment

Any Amazing race party ideas will be incomplete without mention of the challenges that your guests should complete. The challenges should be age-appropriate especially as mental power and physical stamina are required.

You can enlist the help of neighbors for the clues, tasks and props of the games. For example, each neighbor will represent one country in Asia complete with the clues to the next destination.

Of course, prizes should be given after all the hard work poured into completing the challenges. Think along the lines of trophies, cash and items to make your participants happy.

It cannot be overemphasized that Amazing race party ideas take time to become reality, pun intended. You have to make sure that you plan carefully and plan well in advance.

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