Adult Birthday Game Party

Adult Birthday Game Party

What kind of party theme for adults can keep everyone entertained? Many party game ideas are available, so there is no end to the possibilities.

Below is a list of some adult birthday party games. Some are original, others are not, but they’re all adult party game ideas that are sure to be popular.

1. Charades—this timeless party game idea never ceases to be exciting! Act out the name of a person, place, thing, concept, book, movie, etc. for team members to guess.

2. Linking Word—a person in a group either says or writes a word. The next person must add a word that relates in meaning, word type, rhyme, letter-count, etc. This party game idea moves fast!

3. Mystery Balloon—this party game idea requires shooting darts at a wall full of balloons. Several balloons contain party favors, but a few have more attractive prizes.

4. Olive Toss—this party game idea involves a tower of filled cocktail glasses. Toss the olive and drink the glass into which it is tossed. The hitch: don’t cause the tower to collapse!

5. Ten Thousand or Bust—another party game idea uses six dice. The player to reach 10,000 first wins. The game-point limit is arbitrary, but the game goes very fast.

6. Two Truths, One Lie—everyone sits in a circle. Each person tells three things to the group—two truths and one lie! The group votes on which one of the three is the lie. This party game idea is embarrassing and fun!

7. What Is It?—guests empty a bag full of puzzle pieces, situate the pieces in front them, and, by looking at the pieces, try to guess what it is before putting the puzzle together. If they are correct, they win a prize. This adult birthday game party idea can be played in variations.

8. Word Mix-Up—this party game idea requires knowledge of linguistic structure and some creativity. Write a coherent sentence using only those words and in a line-jumble. Every word in the line must be used. This party game idea is time-consuming, as it can involve several line-jumbles, like an English assignment. Those with the most creative and most coherent win a prize!

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