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I. New at Fun-Theme-Party-Ideas.com: Creepy-Crawly-Gooey Halloween Recipes
II. Free Printable Invitations/Appetizer Recipes Ebook
III. Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas
IV. Submit Your Party Ideas

I. New at Fun-Theme-Party-Ideas.com: Creepy Crawly Gooey Halloween Recipes

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III. Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Haven't played "Pass the Eyeball?" It's a fun hot-potato style game set to spooky music. The kids love it and adults get a kick out of it.

Be sure to create a great atmosphere with spider webs hanging from the doorways. Depending on your audience, school age kids love tombstones and skeletons, and the little ones will appreciate milder themes like jack-o-lanterns and silly witches.

Check out our Halloween Party Page for more Halloween decorating ideas, games, and party food.

IV. Submit Your Theme Party Ideas

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