Scarier Than You Think: A Halloween party guide

With nearly 160 million Americans ready to party over Halloween weekend, it's no wonder the costume business is a money maker for inventive costumers. The National Retail Federation expects the average Halloween party animal to spend about $75 this year, down from the nearly $80 in 2012. But that's still a big percentage boost in the last eight years, and it's helping to contribute to the $6.9 total Halloween spending expected by American adults in 2013.

What costumes look to be hot this year? Well, that may depend on your definition of what hot is. If you're thinking young movie starlets or singing celebrities, you should have no shortage of costume ideas this season. Politicians, while not hot at all, may get a kick up in the costume sweepstakes, due in part to their bungling of policies and laws in our nation's capital.

But it's Halloween, so it's time to express your inner fantasies. Well, at least, that's the general intention, isn't it? American adults get a free pass on what construes as normal behavior on Halloween party weekend (and indeed, it's no longer one night, it's become a weekend of unbridled Halloween fun). Think of the possibilities: instead of going to a Halloween bash as a ghoul, goblin or ghost, maybe it's time to think outside the coffin and go big this year.

Be the Haunted House

What about this for a party idea? Pick a remote location in the woods, find an abandoned old home that's off its foundation, get some construction equipment at Neff Rental, and lift that house to the woods for a Halloween party! Turn that house into your very own haunted house! Now, that's a party that your friends definitely will never forget!

For the angry voter friends in your crew, try the same idea, but create a White House facade on the front of the house. Imagine all your friends showing up for a Halloween party at the White House dressed as the President, various senators and other well-known legislative faces.

You could always take your Halloween on the road. Gather up your motorcycle riding friends, add a little greasepaint to the mix, and ride around kicking up some dust to set the spooky atmosphere. Sure, you might have to evade the law at some point during the evening, but think of the fantasy fun you can have this Halloween!

Wacky Costumes

Well, if your budget doesn't allow for big forest extravaganzas or your town doesn't take well to marauding gangs of Halloween cyclists, then you may just want to show some creativity with a great costume. Here are some fun ones!

  • Want to be the big kahuna of the party? Then try the crazy costume at the link. It may scare more people than you can imagine!
  • Adventurous couples might want to rock the plug and socket combo. That's always an electrifying combination!
  • And lastly, for those who seek only to frighten humans on Halloween, you can't get any more gruesome than the Bat Creature Reacher. Stay far away!