70th Birthday Party Ideas: Take a Walk Down Memory Lane With These 70th Birthday Party Ideas

70th Birthday Party Ideas- Make Memories With These 70th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are one of the few occasions when there is a huge spectrum of different ages in the room. Although the main focus for 70th birthday party ideas has to be on the person whose birthday it is, but you also have to consider all of the other guests.

Hosting a 70th birthday party can be very daunting as there are several different things to consider. You will need to choose a theme that the person celebrating will appreciate, and enjoy, and also have to cater for the guests, and their different tastes.

Reaching 70 is a great achievement, and needs to be celebrated in style; there are several different 70th birthday party ideas that you can choose. You have to think back to the persons childhood, and all of the different events in their long and plentiful life. They may have a favorite time, and this can be included in the theme. They may enjoy black and white movies, a particular hobby, or simple a type of party. Decade parties like the 50s or even a roaring 20s theme are great, and there will always be an element that everyone can relate to.

You have to consider who is going to be invited as often when people reach that age they will have a vast amount of family, and friends scattered everywhere. You will need to ensure that wherever you decide to host the party that it can cater for everyone. 70th birthday party favors will depend on the theme; however, 70th birthday party ideas with a trip down memory lane are always a hit. Getting old films and photographs of the person and displaying them is a fantastic way for everyone to celebrate their life.

Some older ladies might prefer do have a quieter event, and garden parties, or afternoon teas are excellent. All ladies like to dress up, and a garden party is the ideal excuse to get the hat, and gloves out. The 70th birthday party invitations can have their favorite flowers on the front, with an example of the dress code; the guests may even want to contribute to the sandwiches, scones, and cakes on offer. You can arrange for the ladies to be collected from their homes by limo to make everyone feel special on the day.

There are plenty of great 70th birthday party ideas for the older gentlemen as well, and these can include a great family barbeque, and football game. The food should be something simple, and that will cater for everyone there will be a huge amount of different people invited, and you need to expect to have to cater for a large amount. Easy finger foods and barbeques are often the easier options; everyone can join in, and help to prepare the food. 70th birthday party ideas are all about celebrating every element of the recipient's life, and family and friends will want to be part of this.

70th Birthday Party Games

The party games for a 70th birthday party will often be designed for the younger guests, although a quiz, or trivia challenge may be appreciated by the older generations. If you need ideas, see these 1940's historical events. Keeping the children happy at any event or party is essential, and the grandparents will love to see the children having fun. Planning is the essential element to any party, and ensuring that all of the guests are happy is very important.

Although the focus should always be about the person celebrating the birthday, you will find that older people are far more humble, and interested in the guests. They will love having all of their friends, and family present in one area. This would be the ideal opportunity to have a professional photographer present that can take some incredible photographs. As families begin to grow, they have very little time to all come together. A 70th birthday party is an excellent occasion to capture everyone in the same room.

Speeches, and memories are always a huge part of a 70th birthday, you may want to create a video for the guests to watch of a collaboration of their lives. Memorabilia, and props from their childhood can be included, and if there are any favorite items these can be restored, and given as 70th birthday presents. There are so many amazing things that would have happened over 70 years, and a birthday party is the perfect time to bring it all together. There may be elements of the last 70 years that the recipient has forgotten, and bringing it all together is the ideal way to ensure that you help to remind them of their amazing life, and achievements.

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