70s Theme Party Ideas

A Groovy 70s Theme Party

There was no better time to party than back in the 70's. So if you are in the mood to take that era and bring it home, then you are going to want to consider some of these fantastic seventies party ideas. Each one will bring a smile to your face and ensure that you have a great time as well.

70s Theme Party Decorations

70s party decorations are really easy for this. If you have old shag carpets, pull them out and line them up on the floors. Beaded doorway curtains will also make for an exciting addition to the d├ęcor of you room and tend to be fairly easily to string up if you have supplies in the room. A personalized seventies party banner is a great way to welcome the party guests.

In terms of disco decorations, make sure they are brightly colored when you put them around the room. Try to make some tie dyed wall art that you can put up and keep the theme of the day going. You might want to look at some neon colored posters as well and then using a number of intense colors on them to bring out the flare of a 70s theme party.

Keep in mind that disco was also popular during this time, so if you have any disco inspired items in your home, you can showcase them for a great 70s theme party. Or you can create your own disco ball with some paper and glitter sprinkled on it. This can be a fun and exciting process to do, if you have kids, they are going to love doing this along with you.

Another 70s party theme item you will want to be sure to include will be happy faces. During the 1970s, these smiley faces became very popular and are considered to be a staple of the era.

70s Clothes & Party Attire

When you think about the 70's the things that come to mind are bell bottom pants and big glasses. In addition, most 70s outfits would fall perfectly into this section as well. Think about the pant suits and other items that you might remember from this famous period of time and then push forward with selecting the items that would blend in well with that concept.

Women should consider mini or maxi skirts for this time, depending on the portion of the era that interests them the most. Large pantsuits that have big open bottoms are going to be the best as they will resemble the theme of the time. See this helpful article for more ideas about 70s theme party fashion.

Men should consider disco attire such as the white leisure suits that were made popular during this time. This is essentially nothing more than a shirt with several buttons left open and a white sports coat and pants on you. For most people, this will make for a fun and exciting 70s theme party that will draw in a number of compliments as well.

70s Theme Party Invitations

Disco party invitations are going to be some of the more critical items that you will need to help get this event started properly. A good idea for disco party invitations will be to use brightly colored paper and use designs of disco balls and muscle cars that were popular during this time.

Along with the invitations, consider including some of the sayings that were popular during this time, such as "groovy". If you can think of ways to incorporate icons like Scooby Doo from the time, that would work as well.

70s Theme Party Food

The best item that you can serve for 70s party food will be a yellow smiley face. This is a simple round cake with yellow icing and black decorations that make up the eyes and the mouth. In fact, this could be the simplest item you end up serving for your event in terms of food.

Sloppy Joes and tater tots were hit staples in terms of foods of the era and you might want to consider serving those to yours guests. They tend to be very easy to make and to serve as well. Just keep in mind that they can be messy to have around, so you might want to limit the areas that people can enjoy them in.

Think about standard snack food today and you should do well with the food a 70s theme party. In terms of drinks, you might want to consider Kool Aid and general punch as well. In turn, you might even want to incorporate Coke and Pepsi into the mix as well. A good idea will be to serve them in large plastic cups as well.

70s Theme Party Games

For party games, there will be some fun things you can certainly do. For example, you might want to look at having a pet rock making contest as these items were very popular at this time. In addition to that, you can also choose to teach people how to do particular dances from the era as well and have a dance off to see who can stay dancing the longest.

If all else fails, you can create some 70s theme party trivia and hand out mood rings to people who answer questions correctly. Just be sure that while you are doing this, you have some easy questions in the mix to help the younger children have an easier time. Such as who is the talking dog that solves mysteries?

By doing all this, you should have a 70s theme party that everyone remembers for a long time. With a lot of fun and a little effort on your part, there is little doubt that your 70s theme party is one that people are going to remember for a long time and have a great time reliving their past as well.

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