70's party ideas - high school party theme

by Gabbyy
(Florida )

Okay so this November I'm having a 70's High school theme. What I'm going to do is since i have so many cabinets in my living room I'm going to make thoose lockers. I'm going to get construction paper and draw it so it looks like a locker and when you open it ,it has pictures of 70's stars like a real locker and you might find a apple a football etc..

Also what i'm going to do is have a voting like for example "Best Eyes", "Grooviest Couple, "Best Party Animal" etc.. and people vote at whatever time of the party they want.

Also me and my older sister have these lights that spin around in circles with smiley faces and flowers which are also going around the house. In the bathroom there's going to be a big piece of construction paper so people can write on it. like graffiti in the school bathrooms and write stuff like : Wendy is SOO un-Groovy (:.

The food I'm not sure of yet but, i know we're having a section outside (in my parents bar) called Grovy Smoothee. Another thing were gonna do is on the TV I have a karoke machine that shows a picture of yourself when you walk in so when we're dancing in the living people can see themselves.

Me I'm going to dress up like the Gum Popper of the school. Like I'm going to be popping gum the whole partyy xD . but i think this party is gonna be good. wish me luck?? :D

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