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If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below. See below for fun party recipes and party drink ideas, as well as printable party invitations.

You want a “bang” of a party? The 4th of July is a holiday that will provide fun games, nice weather, great food, and loud noises.

The perfect 4th of July party invitation would be one that pops when you open it. This is a real attention-getter as well as an excitement-arouser. Some form of harmless but loud snapper is rigged, perhaps causing glitter to fly. This might take some ingenuity and a cost as few bucks, but it’s very ideal and appropriate for the 4th of July.


For kids, teens, and adults alike, one possibility is to have nothing but America flags, different variations and sizes, plastered all around. If the 4th of July party is taking place in the basement, the walls can be painted as such: blue field with white stars on one wall, and red and white strips waving down the other. This is very uplifting and spiritually inspirational.

See the 4th of July party decorating kit for all the needed patriotic party decorations and supplies.

Clothes-wise, there are two possibilities: (1) all guests come dressed in red, white, and blue; or (2) colonial costumes are considered.

Music: How about a CD of Revolutionary War-era music, or even The Boss with his “Born in the U.S.A.” Anything patriotic and lively would work.

Food for a 4th of July party, consider something that is purely American. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, if American, are typical. A suggestion would be to combine these with other American foods to create whole new American foods.

See our theme party recipe cookbook for thousands of recipe ideas.

The 4th of July denotes not only freedom and independence, but also the uniqueness of living in an independent state. Uniqueness would fit into the theme and make the party even more inspirational. Be creative!

Activities at a 4th of July Party

Special Flag—as alluded above, the special 4th of July flag is one hanging amongst the others, but this particular flag has something on the back or has something unique about it (made so by you and your spouse). Whichever guest picks that particular 4th of July flag wins a prize.

Assemble the Flag—the guests are divided into teams and given a bag full of small flag pieces. Whichever team assembles its 4th of July flag puzzle first wins a special 4th of July prize.

I hope the 4th of July party idea page helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration!

4th Of July Party Page

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