3 is a Magic Number / School House Rock Party

by Lori

When my daughter turned 3 we had a School House Rock themed party. The most famous SHR episode is "3 is a magic number"!

For invitations, I cut out "3"s and also found some images on the web from the old SHR cartoons. There is one with a magician pulling a 3 out of a hat. I printed those and put them on the outside. The front read "3 is a magic number. Yes it is, Its a magic number". The top inside text read, "You are invited to the biggest party on the block. It's time to celebrate with School House Rock!" The bottom text read "Please join us to celebrate the magic of (child)'s 3rd birthday"

For food we went with the school theme. We served ABC 123 'spaghettio' type pasta for the kids, had letter-shapped cinnamon grahms (Trader Joes brand) and juice boxes. We also had vegis, fruit salad and cheese and crackers.

For dessert, we had cupcakes with stars on the top (to go with the magical theme). And the birthday girl had three candles on hers - 2 shaped like stars and one in the shape of a 3.

During the party we showed the School House Rock DVD (available through Disney/ABC). There are hours of video, so we simply had it playing in the background.

My daughter wore a green and blue plaid dress (similar to a school uniform) to go with the theme.

The party favor bags included: a box of 24 crayons, a plastic ruler with each child's name printed on it (with sharpie), four 'silly band' bracelets, a large pencil eraser shaped in a letter or number, roll of Smarties and bouncey ball. **It is best to shop for the crayons, rulers and erasers during 'back to school' time. Crayons are usually only $.25 and rulers were only $.10.

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