27 Club

by Cashe
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

For my 27th birthday I decided to host a '27 club' party. Most of the legendary artists passed away at 27; i.e Jimi Hendrix; Janis Joplin, etc.

So I had my guest dress up as a '27 club' member, we played only the music of those 'members' and had a fantasic meal consisting of said members 'favorite' meals...i.e fried chicken for Jimi, etc. (A lot of googling was done)

The decor ranged from 60's straight through to 90's grunge...almost like travelling through time by crossing the hall.

There was a chill lounge in the 60's area that I had filled with bean bag chairs and lava lamps. Had an acid trip feel to the room (or so I was told - thanks mom)

The 70’s section was dark and resembled a 'tour-bus' with drapes and guitars, musical instruments gallore! The walls were covered with black and white posters of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, etc.

The 80’s section was very bright and neon, I felt it looked like an aerobics class... I had tons of glittery objects floating around that room!

The 90's section was more a 'shrine' to my favorite era...grunge. I had my posters all over the room with a huge Seattle sign over the door.

It was an insane amount of fun and I cant wait for someone else to turn 27...I have this covered!

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