21 st birthday party

by Natasha
(South Africa)

Hey I am turning 21 in July and its in the middle of winter and what type of party should I give, please help me!!!!!!!

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Jan 15, 2010
Warm 21st Birthday Ideas
by: Krista Blaes

How about picking a theme based on a famous celebration that takes place in July, like the festival of lights in Canada? This celebration blends people of all ages, cultures and lifestyles and displays thousands of colorful lanterns. Have guests arrive illuminated with costumes, masks, and glow jewelry.

Or, use your birthday to commemorate a historical occurrence from the month of July such as the debut of the bikini bathing suit unveiled in Paris. Have an indoor beach party with fruity, tropical drinks, surfing inspired tunes and beach games like limbo.

Take a step outside the box and have a toxic party inspired by the first atomic bomb detonation in New Mexico. It doesn?t get warmer than that! Have a toxic drink bar with neon-colored drinks. You can purchase toxic-spill coasters and other fun touches online. Serve spicy atomic-like dishes. You could even have a costume party with a mutants only dress code.

Have a wonderful and warm 21st!

Krista Blaes
DetailsMakeThe Party.com

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