16th Birthday Party Ideas

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The Sweet Sixteen is a very special birthday—it marks the recognition of a young lady into adulthood. Sweet 16 party ideas, then, should reflect adult interests.

An appropriate yet unique sweet 16 birthday party ideas would be to video tape the birthday girl’s personal welcome as record it on a DVD.

If you have a digital camera, this will work with a computer or even a modern TV. This adds a personal touch, as it acknowledge the importance of the Sweet Sixteen girl’s newly adult voice.

16th birthday party ideas décor can also reflect this newly established adulthood. How about blown up pictures of the Sweet Sixteen girl’s life thus far, perhaps outlined in glitter. Sweet sixteen party supplies could reflect the Sweet Sixteen girl’s favorite color or design. Maybe they can have her name in design font or scroll. Also be sure to welcome the party guests with a personalized 16th birthday party banner.

Sweet Sixteen Music can be provided by CD/DVD, band, or DJ. These are all standard, but there is no other way. The important thing here is to let the Sweet Sixteen girl decide—not you. Songs based “Sweet Sixteen” or transitions in life should be the theme here.

Instead of junk food or snacks, maybe you and the Sweet Sixteen girl can prepare a real meal consisting of multiple meats, vegetables, salads/soup, and bread. A deli tray and finger sandwiches is one way to go, whereas baked ham and broiled chicken with mashed potatoes, yams, and vegetables is another. Still, if your daughter is a vegetarian, you can have tuna on pita bread as a main dish. Again, it’s the Sweet Sixteen girl’s decision.

16 Birthday Party Games /Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Comment Book
Every Sweet Sixteen likes to keep a book with personal comments. Pass it around so everyone can sign and write something sweet and personal in it.

This is Your Life
You can have a “This is your life” with special guests, recounting all the Sweet Sixteen girl’s achievements.

Hidden “16”
At the beginning of the party (or sent with the DVD invitations), you or your Sweet Sixteen daughter hand out cards to the guests. Each card has a series of numbers on them. Whichever card having the series totaling “16” gets a prize.

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