13th Birthday Party Ideas

Memorable 13th Birthday Party Ideas

So you have been planning your child's birthday since the first year of life. You may think that once 13th birthday parties come, you can escape with the same old children’s party tricks.

In reality, however, the 13th birthday party is one of the trickiest to design, since there are many variables that must be considered in creating the perfect birthday party this time. Your child is on the verge of a transition from childhood to the early teen years. If you are facing this dilemma, here are some great 13th birthday party ideas.

Get with the Flow

Remember that your child is now beginning to grow into an adult and search for his identity. Because of this, give him some space to explore what he thinks is best for him. Give him a greater hand in deciding what type of birthday party you will have for him. Your child may have adored pirate parties before, but this time, you may want to consult him first before sending out the invites with the funny parrots perched on the old captain’s shoulder.

Let Them Do The Inviting:

At this point, you may also want to give your child greater freedom in deciding who exactly gets into the birthday party. If in the past you simply sent invitations to everyone in the neighborhood, this time let him choose his friends. Remember that as these pre-teens are very emotional at this stage, there may be some friction between some kids in the neighborhood. Letting your child choose who he wants to invite to the party is a sure way to prevent anybody’s mood from being spoiled.

Glamour Parties

If you have a little daughter, one of the safest theme party options that you can choose is a glamor party. Fun and fitting for her age, you can set up activities such as changing costumes, learning how to apply makeup, proper grooming and the best outfits for different occasions. Also, glamor parties are a good way for mothers to bond with their daughters.

Sport parties

For boys, on the other hand, you may want to try a sports party. Remember that for boys at this age, one of the best socializing factors is sports. Because of this, many boys begin to consider certain sports seriously at this stage. Look for the sport that your kid likes best and base his birthday party on it. best of all, a sport party is very easy to do since all you will need is to bring food and drinks to the playing field and ensure some prizes for the winners of the game.

The 13th birthday party may be one of the most difficult birthdays to pull off. However, it's also the best opportunity for you to ensure that you and your child will bond and connect even as the turbulent teen years roll in.